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We inspect to the pdfStandards of Practice of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors which meet and exceed State of Florida requirements. Following is a summary of what is inspected in a typical home inspection unless otherwise noted.

From showing a home owner how to rewire a lamp in 1970 to alerting a home buyer to dangerous wiring in an older structure I have been solving peoples home concerns for 45 years.

What's Included In Our Standard Home & Condo Inspections:


Fencing, grading, walks, driveways, patios, decks, screen rooms and sprinkler systems.

Floor and Wall Structure

Under house crawl spaces where accessible, exterior wall structure, exterior siding and finish, operation and condition of windows and doors.

Roof Structure

Accessible areas of the attic, roof framing, insulation, ventilation, roofing material and condition, skylights, chimneys, fascia, soffit and gutters.

Photos, locations, make and model tags and ages where determinable of the electric panel, water meter, main shutoff and heater, air conditioning equipment and all appliances are typically included.


Electric service (wires to the house) and meter, interior of electric panels, main and branch circuit breakers, visible wiring, accessible outlets, switches and installed lighting.


Water meter (to determine underground leaks) or well pump equipment, main water supply shut off, water heaters, and visible supply and waste plumbing. The water pressure and function of all kitchen and bath components will be tested. Septic systems are inspected separately. A water quality test can be performed if desired.


Gas tanks and systems are noted and reviewed but not inspected as part of the report. The gas provider should be contacted if an in depth review is desired

Heating and Air Conditioning

The air conditioning components will be inspected for condition of cases, electric disconnects, unusual noises, condensation removal, condition of coils, temperature of the coolant lines, temperature differential, thermostat function, condition of the filters and ductwork where
visible. In our area heating systems are typically integral to the Air Conditioning equipment and are checked for function.


All appliances will be run through their normal cycle and visual inspected.

Interior Rooms

Kitchen and bath cabinets, counters and tile will be checked for function and defects. Interior walls, doors and floorings will be checked for defect and unusual wear along with a visual inspection for mildew and surface mold. Additional interior air quality tests can be performed if desired.


The pools finish, mechanical components, visible piping and lighting will be inspected and operated. Some complicated pool systems are beyond the scope of a typical inspection. Properly testing for leaks requires entering the pool and "dye testing" all penetration and monitoring the pools water level for 3 days. If desired this inspection is typically performed by a Leak Detection company and can cost $300 to $350.00 dollars.

Pest & WDO Report

We will make note of any unusual pests, damaging organisms and physical damage observed. We can arrange for a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection by a State Licensed Pest Control company if desired. A WDO report is "made on a basis of what was visible and readily accessible at the time of inspection and does not constitute a guarantee of the absence of wood-destroying organisms".

Docks and Seawalls

Docks and seawalls are noted and reviewed but not officially inspected as part of this report.

Inspection Photos

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